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Who are Potter & French?

Back in 2010 two life long friends took a break from their dreary day jobs and treated themselves to a trip around the world. Stopping at various colourful and interesting places and meeting colorful and interesting people along the way.

They travelled from place to place having fun finding wonderful gifts to bring home to their families and friends who were eagerly awaiting their return…or rather their gifts! 

They were amazed at the great deals they were finding and the high quality of the products they were discovering, products they would never be able to find in the usual stores back in their home town. That’s when it hit them!

Why not share these great deals with as many people as they could all over the world!  So they flew home, pooled all their savings together, quit their day jobs and started Potter & French. 

Now after forming alliances and partnering with merchants from all over the globe they are proudly providing customers, in over 180 countries, with unique, high quality products at fantastic prices. Potter & French offer you the most awesome deals online! 

Please enjoy finding yourself a great deal. We sure enjoy bringing them to you.

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